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Speak Economics gets a new format!

It has been more than a month since the launching of Speak Economics and I realise that the daily post format was not working very well.

And that is why now Speak Economics will focus on quality over quantity. The posts will not have a set schedule but instead, a new post will come out when there is a theme that deserves more explanations and a more detailed opinion.

The rubric "(e)Con of the day" will now be a rubric that will focus on the "hot topics" of the moment and will have a more short nature in the opinion and explanations given.

I hope that with this change in format, Speak Economics goes beyond and becomes a more serious blog with opinions to reference.

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Recent posts

What money is for?

Alphabet, Google's parent company, invested heavily in 2018, to the point that investors weren't happy with the accounts.
Nevertheless, Google Ad business outperformed the expectations, which by itself is a good sign of the health of Google.
So why are the investors so alarmed with the plunge in investment to almost double of 2017, to $25 billion? You have to spend money to make money, and I am sure the investment in data centres and on Google's services will rewarding in the long term, mainly now that competition is fierce and people are more prone to switch who they do business with.
Now let's wait and see how much Google grows in 2019 and hope no major scandal comes upon them!
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New Rainbow Appearing in East Europe Politics!

Poland has a new Pro-EU party, we should all celebrate, and most important, give so much importance to it as we did for all those anti-EU movements across Europe.
A movement is as powerful as the attention we give to it, and in that sense, I will always remember what I read about Mother Teresa:
“I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.”
― Mother Teresa
These words just got stuck into my mind and they demonstrate something that I truly believe in. Trump and Bolsonaro are just two clear examples o this, anti-Trump movements and #EleNĂ£o, just gave power to what we didn't want.
It is time to give power to true movements around Europe, power to unity, acceptance and cooperation. 
It is just a bit sad that the FT decides to give the main focus of that new to the fact that the politician that is leading the change in Poland is gay. 
I mean, having a gay politician is f…

Did someone say "this is a mess"? January in review!

It seems that I have been always talking about the same issues for the past months. Can someone create a new scandal, please?
Do you remember the problem with the brexit agreement? Do you remember the US government shutdown because of the wall? Do you remember Elon Musk's setbacks?
Well, everything is still a mess and the scenes of the next episodes continue a mystery. I mean for entertaining purposes, the last months couldn't have been better, if this novel was available on Netflix, for sure it would the most scene show.
The Brexit deal was not approved and Theresa May survives in Government due to 19 angels.
January became the charity month in the USA, with a wave of community work across the country.  
On the other hand, a revolution seems to be happening in Venezuela, and Maduro "socialism" seems to be coming to an end! I think Venezuela is a perfect example of the worst parts of socialism when the populism is so big that what is transmitted as socialism is in fact di…

(e)Con of the day: Is there a light at the end of the tunel?

The Brexit deal is soon going to vote and the EU decided to once more be the bigger person and write the so wanted letter to reassure MPs in relation to the situation with the Irish border.
The backstop to the deal has caused tremendous problems and seems to be the thing that is stopping the deal to go further.
But was it really? Or it was simply used as an excuse for MPs to reject a deal they didn't have the intention to agree on in the first place.
Honestly, the more I think about it the more I get to the conclusion that MPs at Westminster want to leave without a deal and that's it. Any other solution and they will be against it.
To my relief, Theresa May already said that it is more likely the UK not leaving the EU than leaving it without a deal.
Let's see what the next chapters of this novel will bring!
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Breaking News: Trump has an important announcement.

I think Trump has featured too much in my blog already, and never with the headline 'Trump resigns'. But I find very amusing to talk about stupid things so, here we go again.
Firstly, I need to clarify the meaning of a word so everyone understands what I'm talking about.
      Wall: - a vertical structure, often made of stone or brick, that divides or surrounds something;               - a vertical structure that leaves people without working and that shuts down the government of a nation that is supposed to be one of the strongest countries in the world;                    - a vertical structure that is used as a bargaining chip for useless and frivolous political games.
Now that you read the definition can you understand how ridiculous it is?  Actually, the craziest part is that there is a threat of Trump declaring a state of emergency because of the wall.
My opinion about politicians was not very good but now it is definitely very bad. It would curious to study why there are n…

The spaceship returning to earth: Sell your shares!

The hype around Apple seems to be slowing down. Probably the future of Apple never been in such a turmoil as it is now. This does not mean it is in financial trouble or something like that, quite the opposite.
Think of Apple as the most popular and wanted kid in high school, but now everyone else is moving on to college and Apple is no longer the only wanted fish in the sea.
But don't worry Apple, this means you are finally achievement adulthood! (Just a tip, I think it is also time for you to not worry too much about appearances anymore!)
Sales are stabilizing worldwide, and the China boom of the last years is also stagnating, meaning Apple can no longer sustain an increasing number of iPhone sales.
Apple's valuation has been suffered a big cut in its valuation in the last months, mainly since the time that decided to stop releasing sales numbers. Oh boy, the investors really didn't like that!
I am not a fan of the way the finance world works, everyone in that world knows that…

Get your Tesla soon!

Tesla, a revolutionary company backed with billions of dollars and still seems to not find its path.
From order delays to scandals with its CEO, an eco-friendly company has had a lot of non-friendly publicity.
At least their cars are quite unique and extremely desirable! But that still seems to not be enough to give confidence to shareholders.
Tesla is still struggling with delivering the cars. Is this a problem of too much demand or lack of organization to supply? Probably a bit of the two. Tesla started to be famous from the beginning, with pre-orders, that unless a company has already a production line established it cannot meet the demand.
Tesla is being a victim of its own success, a more smooth and growing demand would allow it to optimize its production line and grow to be a car manufacturer at the same level of already established Chevrolet, Audi or BMW.
Let's see the how this develops but in a near future Tesla cars might be a think of the past, let us hope investors don't…

(e)Con of the day: Look at that beautiful wall folks!

Second shut down of the US Government and this still does not seem to have an end.
Meanwhile, no one seems that worried about the ones really suffering from this nonsense shut down, every government employee that is at home without receiving wages and without working to fix the real problems of the country.
On the other hand, with these policies being pursued by Trump he is likely to accomplish what he wants. He will make the USA so unattractive that the queue to enter the country will be very reduced. 
It is impressive and sad at the same time that it is 2019 and we one of the biggest issues in the world is a wall!!! You know that thing that is made of concrete or anything that does not enable you to pass to the other side. 
World, let's focus on what is really important! And remember that the way forward is building bridges not walls! 
You can read more at:
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Water powering the world, one car at a time!

I have written about the despair of oil companies to keep up with the renewable energies (you can read it here). Hydrogen seems to be the solution!
It is possible to sell it like oil, cars still need to go petrol stations, or should I say hydrogen stations and fill their tank.
The dependency will be there so definitely oil companies should invest in this, their best alternative is to change their business to sell electricity to charge electric cars. 
Keeping a similar business model is much less expensive, and not only this but also hydrogen is actually a more effective source of fuel to customers, once a full tank of hydrogen allows you to go for more kilometres and also it is faster to be fully fueled!
The turning point is happening now, with China starting to back this technology to power the future of transportation. And everyone knows what happens when China invests in something.
So, I believe that in the coming years the same revolution that started to happen with the diffusion of ch…

Happy 2019!! Speak Economics is officially live!

Happy new year everyone!! Today not only starts 2019 but also this blog is finally open to the public!
It was a full year 2018, almost to the point that a novel could be made of all the crazy things that happened in politics and economics.
I hope you enjoy my writing pieces and hopefully, I am able to make you think a little bit about what happens in the world.
I really wish everyone a happy 2019 and that everyone is able to pursue their dreams!
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(e)Con of the day: BooHo poor stock traders had a bad 2018

It seems like 2018 was not the best year for stock traders, too bad for all the luxury industries that will decrease their sales because of this bunch of customers that had a rough year.
We should all feel sad for some millions that traders did not win this year, and wish that in 2019 Santa decides to reward some naughty boys and traders win something.
The original article:
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(e)Cons of the day: loans, loans and more loans

UK deficit will increase due to a new ruling that changes how student loans are accounted in national accounts.
Worst of all there seems to be no solution, cuts to fees seems a no go because "risks throwing the progress that government and universities have made on social mobility into reverse”, said Alistair Jarvis, chief executive of Universities UK.
This is very interesting, cutting fees will decrease social mobility. I really don't know much about the subject but it is actually a very interesting area of study and I will definitely look into it. But my first instinct is, of course, thinking this is just incredibly wrong, because debt is more prejudicial to poor students, and basically only those take on the loan.
The poor students and the ones that expect to never pay the loan back, and I believe this is probably the main social concern the government should think about. Because why is someone going to provide effort to gain more if that means they will have to repay an enor…

(e)Cons of the day: Hacks, Hacks and more Hacks

Do you get surprised when you hear the word "hack" nowadays? I don't and I think that word just comes already in the side effects of using technology.
But are you going to stop using technology because of it?
The most important is taking the most care we can with the security of our devices and online accounts and then the same way we are likely to be mugged on the street we are also likely to be hacked but at least we have not pointed a gun.
And it is actually more efficient because if you are mugged you go to the police to report it, but if you are hacked you just take someone else computer and bitch about the insecurity of internet on Facebook. In 10 minutes you are almost ready to move on from that traumatic experience that is being Hacked. But probably there are people that like it though, we can't judge tastes.
And the article:
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(e)Cons of the day: Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit

Brexit is all over the news and it's amazing all the conjuring around what will happen to the UK in the next months.
Now surprisingly there are ministers of Theresa May saying there is a 50% per cent chance the UK will not leave the EU on May 29th.  
It is just me or those chances are the same as saying "we have no clue of what we are doing so let's pray to the Queen and expect that tails end up being the right answer".
I never expected UK politics to be such a mess as it is, mainly because at least I think a lot of people have that idea that British people are so polite, always on time, and are the pinnacle of order (I was going to write efficiency but then that would be unfair for all the other northern European countries).
And if you don't believe me just watch literally any parliament debate in Westminster.
So today's first Con is about brexit and you can read the article at:
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