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Battle of the fittest or strongest?

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The energy sector has been evolving incredibly in the last years but clean energies still seem to be only accessible to the few.

Climate change is a reality as true as now my Christmas being spent with 15 degrees outside and the sun shining outside, and I can assure that in my childhood rain and being by the fireplace was a yearly Christmas tradition.

So no matter what "people" might tell you should starting to get concerned about the environment, if you still didn't. And this message is mainly to big corporations.

Yes, this article is not with the perspective of telling you that you should recycle, save water, save energy, bla bla bla. We all know that and even though all our efforts are important, what does that matter if we still have big oil corporations and countries that deny the entry of other energy sources.

We are used to seeing in the movies that whoever bad guy has money he can silence everyone and buy everything that allows him to continue its money pipe flowing.

Why so much reluctance by oil companies into accepting that the future is in the renewables?

I believe the inherent reluctance to change that is embedded in human behaviour still exists and the oil industry is just another example. Why are we all so afraid of change?

This is not a psychological article, so let's just say that is all about risk and the fear that is behind what is unknown, more concretely in this case, if the renewables will generate the same revenue as the multibillion-dollar oil industry.

We never want to admit when our business is in danger of failing but only those who accept it and try to change will survive. 

Probably a very good and relatable example is about Nokia. Nokia was once king of the mobile phones. And its lack of adaptability to the new "touch" trend kill them and has taken away its throne probably forever.

Renewable energies have made big progress in the last years and oil companies are starting to catch up mainly by trying to develop a business model for renewables similar to oil, for example, hydrogen.

My main question is mainly could oil companies be doing more with their huge resources and market influence? Better, shouldn't they be doing more?

And I'm saying this with just a business perspective in mind. If you have the possibility to be the leader in what the business of energy will be why should you wait? 

In less than 20 years the energy market will very likely not have oil as the central piece and companies that have more than 100 years of existence (BP, Shell, ...) might suffer from the same disease as Nokia and see their reign come to an end. 

For that, I say it's time for a Republic.

The environment is extremely important and wouldn't you like to not feel guilty by turning on the light. Renewables will allow us to take better advantage of what we can do with energy and that it's evolution.

Stay with your thoughts

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