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This blog was created for me to express my views and opinions about whatever comes into my mind.

It will have a focus on economics and political matters. But only because those are normally the most popular topics in the news.

My opinions will always be supported by the knowledge I have been acquiring along the years in Economics (my Bachelors major).

I am very passionate about the social sciences and normally my opinion will be biased in that sense, nevertheless, that does not cloud my judgment of the facts which will be always supported and argued.

The name Speak Economics comes from my intention of deconstructing the complexity of economics, into an explanation everyone can understand, making use of my, perhaps naive, knowledge into the real world.

This is first and foremost a space of opinion sharing with the freedom to express opinions about whatever is being discussed. All well-argued opinions are valid opinions.

Almost every day I will try to have the (e)Con of the day, a rubric where I will only share the most relevant news of the day, without extending my opinion too much. It is basically a way to share the most interesting things that happened that day.
I will sign off all my articles with AD, my main names initials that for me symbolize my unique identity.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog and don't hesitate in contacting if you also want to be part of this project or have any doubts about what I write!

As English is not my mother tongue I apologise in advance for any mistake in my writting.

Stay with your thoughts


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(e)Con of the day: Look at that beautiful wall folks!

Second shut down of the US Government and this still does not seem to have an end.
Meanwhile, no one seems that worried about the ones really suffering from this nonsense shut down, every government employee that is at home without receiving wages and without working to fix the real problems of the country.
On the other hand, with these policies being pursued by Trump he is likely to accomplish what he wants. He will make the USA so unattractive that the queue to enter the country will be very reduced. 
It is impressive and sad at the same time that it is 2019 and we one of the biggest issues in the world is a wall!!! You know that thing that is made of concrete or anything that does not enable you to pass to the other side. 
World, let's focus on what is really important! And remember that the way forward is building bridges not walls! 
You can read more at:
Stay with your thoughts AD

Breaking News: Trump has an important announcement.

I think Trump has featured too much in my blog already, and never with the headline 'Trump resigns'. But I find very amusing to talk about stupid things so, here we go again.
Firstly, I need to clarify the meaning of a word so everyone understands what I'm talking about.
      Wall: - a vertical structure, often made of stone or brick, that divides or surrounds something;               - a vertical structure that leaves people without working and that shuts down the government of a nation that is supposed to be one of the strongest countries in the world;                    - a vertical structure that is used as a bargaining chip for useless and frivolous political games.
Now that you read the definition can you understand how ridiculous it is?  Actually, the craziest part is that there is a threat of Trump declaring a state of emergency because of the wall.
My opinion about politicians was not very good but now it is definitely very bad. It would curious to study why there are n…

Did someone say "this is a mess"? January in review!

It seems that I have been always talking about the same issues for the past months. Can someone create a new scandal, please?
Do you remember the problem with the brexit agreement? Do you remember the US government shutdown because of the wall? Do you remember Elon Musk's setbacks?
Well, everything is still a mess and the scenes of the next episodes continue a mystery. I mean for entertaining purposes, the last months couldn't have been better, if this novel was available on Netflix, for sure it would the most scene show.
The Brexit deal was not approved and Theresa May survives in Government due to 19 angels.
January became the charity month in the USA, with a wave of community work across the country.  
On the other hand, a revolution seems to be happening in Venezuela, and Maduro "socialism" seems to be coming to an end! I think Venezuela is a perfect example of the worst parts of socialism when the populism is so big that what is transmitted as socialism is in fact di…